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Ka mumang ramah
Monday, October 27, 2008
Zan khat chu mumang ka nei ve hlauh mai a... Ka mumangah chuan Mizoram Political party hrang hrang zingah hian a chawrno pakhat a lo chhuak ve tlat mai zu nia... Kha Political Party khan ka rilru a luah hneh em avangin han share ve mai mai ka duh a.

1. A inkhaichhawn dan : A bul berah chuan Village Council bial tinah Kohhran hrang hrang leh NGO kalkhawmten anmahni aiawh zo tur mi fel tak, eiru lo tur , mahni pumpui aia Mizoram hmangaihtu dik tak, Pathian tih mi, mi pakhat (candidate nominate tur) leh Party Managing Board tur mi pakhat an lo thlang chhuak a. Chung V/C tin mi tha leh Pathian tih mi thlankhawmte chuan an party aiawha candidate ni turin Block Level Committee an lo din a. Heng Block Level Committee te hian an zinga mi tha ber nia an ngaih. Tawngtaina nena an hlan thlap chu vote hmangin an han thlang tling a. Chutianga mi thla an bial aiawhtu an thlan tlin ngei chu chumi Assembly biala Election candidate chu a ni ta.

2. Inthlan a lo hun a : MLA thlan hun a lo thleng ta ngei a, Mizoram kil tina mipuite chuan anmahni aiawh, Tawngtaina nena an hlan thlap, eiru lo tur, dikna ngaina mi ngei mai chu an thlang tling ta ngei mai le. Mizoram Assembly bial 40 atanga Ram Hmangaihtu dik tak, mahni hmasial hauh lova ram kalsiam tumtute chuan ro an rel ta.

Tin, heti hi a ni a, chung MLA rualte chuan ram rorel fung chelh turin Chief Minister an mamawh ngei a, anmahni kaihruai turin mi chak, thiltithei an thlangchhuak leh ta! Mak ka tih deuh chu, anmahni zinga mi an thlangchhuak miah lo chu a ni. Mi pakhat, officer hawi harh tha tak mai, a hna rinawm taka thawk thin, a hnathawh that avanga hamthatna a dawn tur ang pawh dawng hlei thei lo. A service luh tan kuma a luhpuiten concrete building chhawng sang tak tak leh private car nen an len hum hum theih laia dikna duh vanga ama hlawh mila khawsa tlat, a hlawh aia tam phut nei lo. A hnathawh that avanga miten an fak si chu Chief Minister atan an thlang tlat zu nia!

3. A result chu : Chutianga sawrkar thar duhawm tak, Pathian tihtu leh ram hmangaihtute din chuan ram hmasawnna atan theihtawpin hma a han la a, Mizoram chuan kum 5 chhungin hmel thar a pu hman dawrh a. Mizo mipuite chuan an zawngchhang em avangin an aiawhtu atana thlanchhuah hi inthlan apiangin hetiang hian thianghlim takin an kalpui char char ta a ni. Tin, ka harh phut a
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Healing Of A Young Lady's Foot
Friday, March 21, 2008
Healing Of A Young Lady's Foot Let me show you how the word of God works like you would take medicine that the doctor would give you. If your doctor prescribed for you to take a pill three times a day, then that's what you would do, or his prescription wouldn't do you any good.There was a young lady that played the piano at church every Sunday. She was in her thirties and never went anywhere much because she had a cripple foot. She was born that way and had never had a pair of shoes on in her life. She could wear one shoe on her good foot and that was all.Some one gave her a set of tapes by Kenneth E. Hagin and she took them home and listened to them and never got a thing in the world out of them. She played them again the next day and the same thing, nothing. She couldn't go anyway out in public by herself so she was home all day with nothing else to do, so she would play those tapes over and over. She said after about six months of listening to those tapes she noticed her foot had started to straightened out some. She kept listening to them day after day still not understanding much but after a while her foot was completely straight. What happened? That word got in her and began to work from the inside out.She also said she grew a little toe on that foot to. She was born without a little toe but now she has one! Her mother confirmed that she had been born cripple and had no little toe on that cripple foot, and had never worn a shoe on that foot in her life.What would have happened to her if she had stopped listening to those tapes say in three months or even four? She would not have gotten healed. But thank God she continued and all to her benefit in the end. Do you see how powerful the word of God is? It has life and healing in it if we will just get on it and take it everyday just like you would take medicine from your doctor. God's word is your medicine for whatever your problem is. It will heal any problem and make it right if you will spend the time everyday to put God's Word in your spirit.Healing starts from the inside of you and then shows up on the outside where you can see the results of its working power. But if you don't take the time to put the word in your heart, then there is nothing in there to change the outside circumstances.In Psalms 107:20, it says, He sent his Word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions. His Word is the healer today. Jesus came and died on the cross and took stripes for our healing. Accept that and take the Word into your heart and be healed. God's Word is food for your spirit and healing for your body.

Article Source: http://christianarticles.net
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