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Chhura leh Nahaia'n In an inthleng
Monday, September 24, 2007
Chhura leh Nahaia hian khaw pakhatah in an sa ve ve a, veng khatah an cheng nghe nghe a. Chhura In chu a rinawm tha hle a, Na-a in erawh a tlabal hle thung a ni.

Nahaia chuan a inchung kaw siar suar hnuaia khawsak reng mai chu ruahsur nikhuain a hrehawm tih a hria a. Chhura hnenah chuan in inthlengpuiah a va sawm a. Mahse Chhura chuan, Khai nang zawng i inchung te, i bangte a kaw nasa siar suar em mai, a lo ti a.

Nahaia chuan dang hauh lovin chung kaw siar suar te chu ka duh reng vanga ka siam alawm, zanah mu chungin arsi mawi tak takte khi ka thlir reng thin asin, a ti a. Chutia a tih takah chuan Chhura chuan mu chunga Arsi thlir chu a chak ve ta tlat mai a. Ruah lo sur hunah eng angin nge a mangan dawn tih lam reng reng a ngaihtuah chang lo.

Tichuan, Chhura leh Naa chuan In chu an inthleng ta a. A zan hmasa berah chuan Chhum a tam deuh avangin Chhura chuan Arsi te chu a hmu thei lova, a zan lehah pawh chuan van lam chu a thiang chuang lo.

Ruah a lo sur tak hnuah phei chuan Chhura tan chuan mut ngaihna reng reng a awm lova, chutihlai chuan Nahaia erawh chu thlamuang takin a mu sek sek a ni.

Eng dang sawi lovin Chhura chuan a in chung pawpte chu a thawm char char a. Arsi thlirna tur atana a lo ngaih inchung leh bang vel kuate chu a phui thei ang bera thawm a lo ngai leh ta a. Mu chung chuan Arsei chu a thlir leh ngai ta reng reng lo a ni.

Chhura and Nahaia Exchange Houses

Both Chhura and Nahaia had their houses which were situated in the same locality. Chhura's house was nicely built whereas Naa's house was not properly completed.

After Nahaia experienced the real problem of staying in his own house, he came to Chhura and suggested that it would be good to exchange houses but Chhura replied and said, 'Oh no, your walls and roof are full of holes whereas my house is intact'

Nahaia readily said, 'I've made those holes so that I can observe the beautiful stars while sleeping.' In no time Chhura was tempted to observe the stars and he had completely forgotten the impending hailstorm and rain.

So, they exchanged their houses as Naa suggested. The first night was a bit cloudy and he could not see the stars he expected. The weather of the next night was not much better.

In fact, due to rain Chhura could not sleep properly while Nahaia slept comfortably in his new house.

So Chhura had to work very hard to repair the holes right from the very second night of his stay in his new house. And he was compelled not to leave any holes for watching the beautiful stars while sleeping.
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