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Savawm, Sakei leh Zawngte
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Nikhat chu nisen sat laiin Pu Vawma hian tui a khuap tling luau mai a. Amah chauvha dawt thin atan tiin ven that tlat a tum a. Chaw a zawn hlan leh a ha a tah hriam chhunga lo veng turin zawngte pakhat hi a ruat a.

Reilote hnuah chuan sakhi a lokal a, 'Tui, tui ka chhar, ka chhar, tui tui duh loh te te emaw ka chhar, keimahin dawt ka riai riai,' a ti a. Zawngte chuan, 'Ka pu vawm, vawma tui anih kha le, i in ngam leh in rawh, i dawt ngam leh dawt rawh,' a lo ti a. Sakhi chuan a in ngam ta lova, a kalsan leh ta a.

A dawt lehah chuan sanghal hi a lokal ve thung a, sakhi tih ang bawk khan tuiin chu a rawn dil ve leh a, zawngte chuan a chhan dan ngaite in a lo chhang ve leh a. In lo chuan a kalsan ve leh a. Chutiang bawkin sa dangte pawhin an rawn ti a, pu vawma tui a nih an hriat veleh in ngam lo bawk chuan an kalbo ve leh ta zel a ni.

A tawp berah chuan sakei a lokal ve a; midang tihdan ang bawk chuan a rawn ti veleh a, 'Tui, tui ka chhar, ka chhar' a rawn ti dut dut mai a, zawngte chuan a chhan dan pangngai bawkin a lo chhang a. Sakei chuan a dawt ngam ta tlat mai le.

Tichuan sakei chuan tui a dawt ta hriam hriam mai a. Zawngete chuan, 'Ka pu Vawm, ka pu Keia'n i tui a dawt e, lo tlan rawh,' tiin a au ta a. Savawm chu hmanhmawh em emin a lo tlan thla buan buan mai a.

Tichuan, savawm leh sakei chu an insual ta bur bur mai a. Rei tak an insual a, an inhnehtawk hle bawk a. A tawpah chuan lengkirah an tla dun a, an thi ve ve ta a.

Nakinah chuan zawngte chuan a zuk en a, sakei leh savawm lo thi dun rual chu a hmu a. An ruhte chu a la a, a lak pah chuan a kik zel a;
'Tu ruh ring ber ber, ka pu Vawm, Vawma ruh emaw, ka pu Kei, Keia ruh emaw, tu ruh ring ber ber?' a ti ta a.

The Bear, the Tiger and the Monkey

On a sunny day, a bear came across a pool of clear water. He was so pleased with it that he determined to presere it for himself and he set a monkey in charge of it to warn everyone else away.

The bear then went off to the jungle nearby in search of food and to sharpen his teeth.

While he was away, a deer came along and said to the monkey, 'Please, may I drink of this pool of water?'

The monkey replied, 'It is Daddy Bear's pool. If you are daring enough to drink what belongs to him you may do so,' When the deer heard these words he was very frightened and raced swiftly away.

Soon after a boar came and asked permission to drink, the monkey replied in the same way. When the boar heard the reply he too went off without further conversation. In the same way, some animals came one after another asking the same questions, but they left the place when they knew the right owner of the pool

At last a tiger came and asked if he might drink the water. The monkey replied to him as he had done to the others, but the tiger was not afraid as they had been and he began to drink the clear water of the pool.

At that very moment, the monkey cried aloud informing the Daddy Bear that the tiger was drinking his clear water.

Just then Daddy Bear came back with the food he had found and was very angry indeed when he saw the tiger drinking precious water. He set upon the tiger to punish him and they had a battle royal.

So, the two big fearful animals fought fiercely, near a very high precipice over which they rolled down.

They were instantly killed an by their fighting lost everything, while the monkey satisfied himself with the water and the food which the bear thought of engjoying.

The monkey thereafter checked all the good bones of the dead tiger and daddy bear and he tested them one after another trying to select the hardest and the best bones to make musical pipes.

He therefore made variety of pipes and played musical tunes while playing in the jungle trees.

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