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Monday, September 24, 2007
Hmanlai hian Rahtea hi fahrah a ni a, a nu chu nuhrawn a ni a. A nuhrawn chuan a tirethei em em thin a, silhfen tha pawh a nei lova, kawr tet tak hi a ha thin a, a chaw atan favai hram chauh hi a pe thin a, a cher em em a. A nuhrawn chuan hna harsa tak takte a thawhtir a, a hah changa a chawlh pawh a phal lova, a haw nasa em em a, Rahtea chu a khawngaihthlak em em a.

Rahtea chu a nuhrawn chuan a thihna tur a ngaihtuah nasa hle a, a tawpah chuan hetiang hian a lo ngaihtuah ta a, 'Ka na der vak anga, inthawi nan, 'Rahtea kan talh loh chuan ka thi ang' ka ti anga, a tha ang,' a ti a.

Tichuan a pum a tina der ta vak a, an sial te, kel te, ar te, vawk te, ui te chuan an thawi a, engmah a sawt lova. Inthawi nan an ran zawng an talh zo ta si a.

Rahtea pa chuan, 'Ran zawng zawngin kan thawi tawh chia, i dam thei chuang si lo, engtinnge kan tih ang le?' a ti a. A nupui chuan, 'Ran dang pawhin min thawi leh mah la, ka dam chuang lovang, Rahtea hian min thawi la ka dam ngei ngei ang,' a ti a. Rahtea pa chuan a ngaihtuah nasa ta em em a.

Tin, Rahtea chuan a nuhrawn thusawi kha a rukin a lo hria a, a hlau em em a, ramhnuaiah a tlanbo ta daih mai a. Tin, a tlanbo tih an lo hriat chuan pawi an ti em em mai a, 'Rahtea chu engtinnge kan koh hawn leh theih ang aw! 'Khuang kan chawi dawn' ti ila, a lo haw mai ang' an ti a. Rahtea u chu ko turin a va kal a, Rahtea chu Thingsiri kungah a lawn a, a parzu a lo tlan a, a u chuan :
'Rahte, Rahte, lo hawng rawh, I nu'n khuang a chawi dawn e,
I pa'n khuang a chawi dawn e, Rahte, Rahte, lo hawng rawh,' a va ti a. Rahtea chuan,
'Ka u, ka u, kir leh tawh, ka thin ka lung in eia ai chuan,
Thingsiri par ka tlan e, ka puar e, ka fan e,' a lo ti a. A haw duh lova, A u chu an inlamah a va haw a, a nu leh pa hnenah, 'Ka koh pawhin a lokal duh lo,' a ti a, a tihdan zawng zawng a sawi vek a. A nuhrawn chuan a pi a tir leh a, 'Nangin va ko la, Rahtea chu a lo hawng duh ang e,' a ti a. A pi chu a kal ve ta a. Rahtea u koh angin a ko ve a, Rahtea chuan,
Ka pi, ka pi kir leh tawh,
Ka thin ka lung in eia ai chuan,
Thignsiri par ka tlan e,
Ka puar e, ka fan e,' a lo ti leh ta mai a. a pi pawh chu a haw leh ta a.

Chumi hnuah chuan a pa in a va ko ve a, a u leh a pi a chhan dan bawkin a lo chhang leh ta mai a. A pa pawh chu beidawng takin a haw leh ta mai a, a nuhrawn chuan, 'Keiin ka ko ve ang e,' a ti a, ko turin a kal ta a.
'Rahte, Rahte lo hawng rawh,
I nu'n khuang a chawi dawn e,
I pa'n khuang a chawi dawn e,
Rahte, Rahte, lo hawng rawh,' a ti a, Rahtea chuan,
'Ka nu mi ngai manang che,
Keiin ka ngai manang che... Reng'
a ti a. Therengah a chang a, a thlawk bo ta daih a.


Once upon a time, Rahtea's stepmother was very cruel to him. She forced him to do the toughest chores in the house and gave him the smallest amount of food possible. He was also dressed in rags. In addition to this the woman gave him no time for leisure. In spite of that she planned to kill him.

One day she was crying as if she had a great pain in her stomach. Her husband offered fowls and pigs to the angry spirits to appease them, but she continued howling with pain of her own imagination.
She said : 'Animal sacrifice won't do.' 'Then what shall I do?' 'Human sacrifice! Cut Rahtea's throat and let his blood flow on the altar.'

Rahtea heard what his father and stepmother were talking. He fled into the forest. His stepmother set his brother to bring him back with a promise to celebrate the most enjoyable festival of Khuangchawi in honour of his coming back. His brother found him sitting under a Thingsiri tree which has flowers with full sweet juice.
He said in verse :
Come back with me, Rahtea,
The Khuangchawi shall be celebrated in your honour
Rahtea replied in verse too :
Go back without me, brother dear, I now have as food the good Thingsiri flower.
Only now can I eat all I want,
And be happy with a full stomach.

The stepmother sent his aunt to bring him back home. She failed too.

At las the stepmother herself came and persuaded him to comeback. He replied that there was no love lost between the two of them and suddenly the boy turned into a dragon fly and flew away.
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