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Unau fanghma to zawng
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Hmanlai hian unau pahnih hian fanghma to an zawng dun a. A u zawk chuan a hmu ve thei hauh lova, a nau erawh chuan, 'Hei pawh, hei pawh,' a ti a, a chhar theih bik avangin a em pawh a khat dawn ta mai a. Nakinah chuan a u mangang chuan, 'Kawlhte, ka tui pawh a hal zo tawh a, tirawh i fanghma kha inphel ang, a phel lehlam min pe ve ang che,' a ti a. A nau chuan a phal ta tlat lo mai a. A u chu a thinur ta em em mai a, fanghma lah chu a hmu ve thei si lo. A han dil leh thin pawhin a phal thei ngang lova, a tawpah chuan a thinrim chu sawntlung pawngah a ding a -
Sawntlung aw mi zial mi zial,
Ka nauvin fanghma pumkhat phel a phal love,
Sawntlung aw mi zial mi zial.
a ti a, sawntlung chu a inzialtir ta a. A ke a zialpil a, a hla kha a sa zel a, a kawng a thleng leh a; tichuan a pumin a pil ta daih mai a.

A nau chu duhtawka fanghma phur chuan amahin a hawng ta a. Tlaiah chuan a nu leh pate feh an lo hang a, 'Khawnge i u?' an rawn ti a. A u-in fanghma phel a dil thu leh a phalloh avanga sawntlunga a inzialtir thu chu a han sawi a, 'I va han sual em, va ko leh hmanhmawh rawh,' an ti a, a u ko tur chuan a va kal leh a -
Ka u aw lo chhuak lo chhuak,
Ka nu'n thi a lei ang che,
Ka pa'n dar a lei ang che.
Ka u aw lo chhuak lo chhuak,
a han ti a. Chutah a chhip a lo lang leh ta a. Zawi zawiin a lo chhuak hret hret a, a kohna hla a sak zel hnu chuan a pumin a lo chhuak deuh thawt a. A kephah a chhuahkim hma chuan a nau chuan, 'Hawh le, ka u, i kal ang' tih leh kaih a rual a, a u ke zungpui chu a chhum a, leichhungah a tang ta a. Chu chu tun thleng hian pasawntlungah a la to thin a ni.

Two sisters go in search of cucumber

Long long ago, two sisters together were searching for larger cucumbers in a field. The younger sister picked up a good number of cucumbers but the other sister seemed unsuccessful even after a long search.

So, the elder asked the younger to give her some, but the younger said she wished to take them home so that they could eat them with their own parents.

This greatly upset the elder sister who thereupon called on a clay in the soil to swallow her up.
Swallow me up, O strong clay mount,
My little sister no cucumber can give,
swallow me up, O strong clay mount.
Then gradually she actually did sink until at last only the top of her head could be seen.

Shortly after when the other sister returned home and her parents came home from the fields, they asked her, 'Where is your sister?'

The younger sister replied truthfully that she had allowed herself to be swallowed up in the ground because she had refused to give a cucumber.

The parents were of course very distressed and told her to go at once to try to call her to return. So she went calling :
Sister, sister, please do come back,
Mother will buy you rich amber beads,
Father will buy you great brazen bells.
Her sister then came out rising higher and higher till only her knees remained.

So, unhappily just at this stage a cry was raised that the head hunters were coming. So they wrenched at the elder sister but this caused her to lose her legs which were left in the ground, turning into mushrooms which grow in this way to this day.

And believe it or not, it is said, that was how mushroom came into existence.

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