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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Ni khat chu Thailungi nu hian puan a tah a, a puantah hnuaiah chuan a fanu Thailungi chu a awm hreuh hreuh a. Thawm pawh a nei lo kher mai a, a nu chuan chumi hmuna a awm chu a hre hauh lova.

Chutihlai tak chuan Khawchhak khual hlah hlam zuar an lokal a, kawtthlerah chuan, 'Thirhlum ka zuar e, lei rawh u,' tiin an au an au va. Thailungi nu chuan, 'Duh chu kan duh ngang mai a, mahse leina kan nei si lo. Fanu tuium hnih khirh rual lek ka nei a, chu chu a man atan in pawm duh nghal loh chuan,' tiin a puan tahna hmun atang chuan a chhang a.

Thailungi chuan mak a tih em avangin ngawih a chuh ta deuh deuh a, mikhualte chuan Thailungi nu lo dawn dan chu an bengkhawn hle a, an inremsiam ta a. Thailungi nu chuan, 'Thailungi chu tui chawiah ka tir ang a, nangnin lo chang ula, in man mai ang chu,' a ti a.

Thailungi chu a mangang ta em em mai a, tui chawi chu a hun ta a, tam laka tlanbo lah chu ramsa ilo a hlauh avangin a ngam si lo, a nu tirh chu a hnial ngam si lo, a ngaihna hre lovin a inkhap thlu ta reng a, a nu lah chuan tui chawi turin a tir tlat si a. Hreh em em chung chuan tuikhur lam chu a pan ta a, an lo channa hmun tura ruat a thlen hmain an lo man ta thut mai a, an ram lamah an bo pui ta daih a.

Thailungi chuan nau mipa a nei a, khawlaiah thirhlum chu a chaih thin a, mahse a thiante chuan, 'Mahni u te thirhluma hralh tu ni maw?' tiin an au fova. Ani chu a ngaih a tha thei ta lova, a nu hnenah a thiante au hla chu a zawtchiang ta a, a nu chuan Thailungi chanchin chu a hrilh ta vek a.

A u chanchin rapthlak tak a hriat chuan a tap ta zawih zawih a, a nu hnenah chuan, 'Ka u zawng turin ka kal ang e,' tiin a ngen a, a nu chuan, 'I la te lu em a, rapchung i tawng hunah,' a ti a. Rapchung tawnga sang a han nih chuan a u zawn a ngen leh a, a nu chuan a la phal rih lova, nakinah chuan a lo puitling ve ta a, a u zawn chu a tum ta tlat a, a nu pawhin a hnial ta bik lova.

A u zawnga a kal chuan putar pakhat a hmu a, sum a lo suih tlut tlu a, 'Ka pu, ka u awmna lam min hrilh theih lawm ni?' a ti a. Ani chuan, 'Ka sum hi mi han suih zawhpui phawt la ka hrilh ang che,' a ti a. A sum chu a suih zawhpui ta a, a kalna tur kawng a kawh hmuh a.

Thui fe a kal a, pa pakhat se khalh hi a hmu leh a, 'Ka pu, ka u Thailungi awmna min hrilh thei lawm ni?' a ti a. Ani chuan, 'Ka se khalh hi mi zui la, tam laka riah a tul leh riak ve zel la, i u awmna chu ka hrilh mai ang che,' a ti a. A se khalh chu a zui a, ramhnuaiah zan engemawzat a riahpui hnu chuan khua an lut ta a. Se khalh pa in ngeiah chuan a thleng ta a.

Chu in chu a u awmna ngei a lo ni a, naupan teta inthen an nih avangin, hmel inhre rual an ni tawh lova, nula pakhat hi a awm a, Thailungi tih reng a hre lova, engtin tin emaw an titi naah an inchhar chhuak ta a, an hlim em em a, rei pawh nghak lovin an khaw lam panin an tlanchhuak ru dun ta a. Lawm em emin chung unau inhloh tawhte chu an inchhar leh ta anih chu.

Thailungi te nufa inphuahna hla pawh hetiang hian kan hmu a :
Thailungi nu : "Thailungi, Thailungi
I tiangthirte lo nghak la,
I hlantaite lo nghak la,"

Thailungi : "Chhaktiang khi chen ka thlen chuan,
Tiangthir a tha bo ngai lo,
Hlantai a tha bo ngai lo.



Many many years ago on a certain day, a little girl called Thailungi was lying down under the loom which her mother was weaving and her mother did not know that she was there.

By and by, a man from the Eastern hills came along and offered to sell the woman an iron ball. Said the mother, 'I have nothing else to buy it with, but if you like I will give my little daughter Thailungi as the price of the iron ball."

'Very well,' said the seller, 'But how am I to get her and take her away with me?'

The mother of Thailungi said, 'I will send her to draw water at the well, and you can then catch her and take her away.' And so they agreed on that and the mother had that iron ball.

Unfortunately at that time Thailungi had been listening, and she was very much afraid, especially when, very soon after, her mother sent her to the well to draw water.

Thailungi did not know what to do. She could not run away for then the wild beast in the jungle would eat her, and if she went to the well the strange man would catch her, while if she went home her mother would do the same.

Very slowly, full of fear, with feet dragging and with a heavy heart, she went to the well. There the man who had bargained with her mother suddenly caught her and took her away to his own country.

Thailungi had a little brother, and this boy used to play in the village street with the iron ball. Sometimes the other children would not play with him, and at such times they would shout out, 'Who sold his sister for an iron ball? Who sold his sister for an iron ball?'

The little boy did not know why they said this, so one day he asked his mother about it, and she told him what had happened to his sister.

He was very sorry indeed and wept to think of the cruel fate of his dear sister, and he soon said to his mother, 'I cannot bear to think that my sister is a captive in a strange land. I will go and search for her and bring her back,' 'No,' Said his mother, 'You cannot go now, you are too small'

Sometime afterwards, he said again that he wanted to go and search for his sister, but his mother gave him the same reply.

Later on, when he had become quite a tall and strong young man, nothing could deter him, and at the first opportunity he set off for his long lost sister.

On the way he met an old man who was making a mortar for grinding rice. He said to the man, 'Please tell me where my sister is.' 'Finish making this mortar for me and I will tell you,' was the reply. He finished making the mortar and then the old man gave him directions as to the way he has to go.

He went on accordingly until he met an old man from the Chin hills. 'Sir,' said the old man, 'Do you know where my sister is?'

This man was driving cattle and he said to young man, 'Follow my cattle wherever they go, sleep wherever they sleep, stay wherever they stay, and you will find your sister.'

The young man did as he was told. He followed the cattle. He went wherever they went, slept wherever they sleep, stay wherever they stayed and at last they led him to a house. This was the house of his sister, but he did not yet know it.

He entered the house and found a young woman there. They began to talk to each other and he soon found that she was his long lost and dear sister. They did not stay long after his arrival but ran away together and made their way back to their own village, where they lived a very happily and loved each other always.
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