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Daktawr chhura
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Ni khat chu a nupui feh hlanin Chhura chuan in lamah an fa sen chu a lo awmpui a. Naute chu tuihal leh riltamin a tap a tap mai a, Chhura chuan a tap thlem ban dan a hre hlei thei lova.

A mal chungah a pawm a, a chang leh a paw thul, a thiam ang angin a awi a, a han kalpui dawrh dawrh thin a, mahse naute chu a tap reng tho mai si. A tawpah chuan Chhura chu a ngaih a tha thei ta lova, naute chuan engemaw na a nei aniang tih a ring tlat a.

Ngunthluk takin a taksa leh a lu lamte chu a han enchiang a, chutia an khawih vel naah chuan a lu-dip a khawih fuh palh ta a, a lo nem niak mai si a, Chhura chuan hre ngai hek lo le, 'Hei zet hi a nih hi, hetiang pan hnai la mek nei chung chuan engtinnge a tah loh reng ang ni? A nat tur zia mai chuh tiin a ngaihtuah a, a pan hnai chu kheichhuahsak ila a dam mai dawn anih hi tiin a ngaihtuah a.

Tichuan Chhura chuan naute chu a tap hlum mai ang tih hlauvin a panhnai chu kheisak a tum ta a. Chemte, Chaichette, Hreipuite a la khawm ta rup mai a, tichuan naute chu a pawm a, a ludip lai chu a kheisak ta mawlh mawlh mai a. A lu-dip atanga hawng chuan a thluak zawng zawng chu a kheichhuahsak ta vek a, ngaihtha takin hetia a pan hnai ka khei chhuahsak chuan a dam hmak tawh ang, tiin a ngaih a tha ta hle a.

Rinhlelh rual lohvin a duh ang ngei chuan chutia a ludip a kheisak hnuah chuan naute tap chu a bang ta daih a, thlamuang takin a muhil ta siai siai niin chhura chuan a ngai a.

Feh hawn hunah chuan a nupui a lo hawng a, khawiah nge naute i dah? Engtinnge vawiin lamah i lo enkawl? a ti a. Chhura chuan tifuh inti fahranin kan naute khan a lu-ah pan hnai a lo nei a, ka kheichhuahsak ta vek a. A muhil ta siai siai mai a, tunah chuan khumah sawn ka mut, a ti a.

Chuveleh a nupui chu hmanhmawh takin naute chinchang hre tur chuan khum lamah a kal ta thuai a, 'Karei maw... eng thil nge i lo tih tak pek ni?' tiin a auchhuak ta chul a, a pasal thil lo tihdan a han hmuh chuan lawmna tur reng reng a hre lova. Naute chu a han dek a, a lo thi vawt ngiai tawh a, lungchhe tak chungin engtinnge i lo tih a, hei a bengte pawh a vawt vek tawh alawm, a thi anih hi, puanin tuam la, mitthi pukah va dawh ve tawh a ti a.

An naute chu tuamin a puchhuak ta a. Kawng laka a kallai chuan a tuamna puan chu a lo thawl deuh ni tur a ni, naute chu a lo pit chhuak a, kawngsirah chuan a lo tla reng mai a, Chhura chuan a tuamna lawng chu mitthi dahna pukah chuan a va thawlh fel ve diam a, a tihtur hlenchhuak tha hlea inngaiin a lungawi hle a.

A lo hawn kawngah chuan a fa thlauh tak chu a rawn hmu phei a, chu naute chu raphrual nawk nawk chungin tunge maw hetia nausente kalsan mai mai le, a va han fimkhur lo tehreng em ve, hetia phumfellohva kawngsira dah mai mai tur a ni hlei nem. Kei chuan kan naute thi kha mitthi dahna pukah ka va dahfel diam tawh a ni ngai a, a thlauhtu chu mi tihtlak loh tak a ni tiin naute chu a raphrual zel a. Ama thlauh a ni tih reng reng a hre si lo. Chutia a hawn lai chuan tumlawkna pawh nei hauh lovin ama beng a han khawihfuh palh a, a lo vawt hle mai si a. Tichuan, 'E khai, keipawh ka beng a vawt tlat mai, ka thi anih dawn hi,' tiin ngaihtha lo takin, amah leh amah chu inphum turin mitthi dahna pukah chuan a kir leh ta a.

Chutia inngaihtuah buai lova mitthi zinga a va inphum ve tak avang chuan chu hmunah chuan nilengin thi tak taka inngaiin a va awm ve ta a.

Tlailam a lo ni a, lu a sun avanga lungleng pitar pakhat chu mitthi dahna lamah chuan a va leng a, a khawhar lutuk chuan khawhar hnemah tiin mitthi puka awm te u, vawiin lam in hun engtinnge in hman le, tiin a va au diai diai a.

Chu pitar chuan tuman an rawn chhan reng a ring lova. Mahse chutihlai tak chuan Chhura chuan aw hniam teng leh pawr takin kan duh ang angin hun chu kan hmang ve mai, a lo ti dut dut a.

Rin loh tak maia chutia chhanna a han hre ta thut mai chu pitar chuan mak a tiin a hlau ta em em mai a, a tlanchhe ta dawr dawr a, pitar hlau lutuk tlanchhia a han hriat chuan Chhura pawh chuan hlauh a nei ve ta thut a, ka pi min lo nghak rawh, tiin pitar chu a um ve ta chiam mai a.

Chutia Chhura'n a rawn um ve takah chuan chu pitar chuan a hlau lehzual a, chak mangkhengin a tlan a, Chhura chuan a umpha thei lo hial a ni. Chu pitar leh mitthi tho leh Chhura chu khua an thlen hma chu chak takin an tlan dun ta a ni.
Chhura the male nurse

One day, Chhura's wife went to the paddy field leaving Chhura to look after the baby at home. Out of thirst and hunger the baby cried all the time and Chhura could not stop the child from crying.

He took it in his lap and sometimes carried it on his back, moving forward and backward in order to stop the baby from crying. He wondered why it cried so much and tried to find the reason behind the crying.

Inspecting the baby, He came accross a stop on the baby's head which he concluded was a large boil. It was the fontanel of the baby moving up and down slowly as it pulsated. 'Aha!', he thought, No wonder, my poor baby would not stop crying. It's this boil that is giving him so much pain'. He then decided to remove, what he thought was the pus in order to save the child from crying to its death.

Chhura, therefore collected his instruments which were a dao, a pair of kitchen tongs and a shallow plate. He then began the operation of drilling a hole on the fontanel of the child's head. He removed all the brain and at the same time consoled the child by telling it not to cry any more for its pain was completely taken way with the operation.

No doubt, it was a successful operation for the chiled completely stopped crying and then slept peacefully, or so he thought.

When the wife arrived home in the evening and enquired about the baby and how he had fed it at noon, Chhura replied confidently, 'The baby had a large boil which made it cry all the time. But after my operation it could sleep and rest peaceful and I have put the child to bed."

The wife rushed to the bed and examined the child. Alas! What her husband done! What on earth had the husband done to the baby! She found the baby cold and dead and she exclaimed, "What have you done? its ears are all cold and it is dead, you better take it and bury it in the deadman's cave."

On the way the baby's body came loose from its wrapping and fell on the roadside. Chhura quite oblivious to the baby's falling off put the empty bundle of coarse cloth in the cave and left the place satisfied with a job well done.

On the way back, coming accros the baby's body, he exclaimed indignantly, 'What careless, irresponsible creature would have left his dead child lying around unburied like this, look at me, I took my dead child and gave it a decent burial cave'. So saying he kicked the dead baby away never realising that it was his very baby that he had dropped on the ground.

As he went on his way, he touched his ears unconciously. He now knew that the ears of the dead were cold and he found that his ears were also very cold too. So, he said to himself, "Oh no! I am dead for my ears are quite cold."

Without much delay, he went back to the cafe where all the dead bodies were kept. And he stayed there for the whole day, thinking he was dead.

In the evening a bereaved grand old woman went near the cave and for the consolation of her loneliness she simply shouted to the dead bodies, "Oh you inhabitants of the cave, how was your time spent today?"

In fact, she did not expect any reply. But Chhura replied with his flat hoarse voice, "We spent our time here as we liked it."

Such an unexpected reply frightened the old woman so much that she ran home as quickly as possible. Knowing what had happened to the old woman, Chhura immediately ran after her and asked her to wait for him.

But this made the old woman run faster still and even Chhura could not overtake her. Both the old woman and the deadman Chhura ran quite fast until they reached the village.
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