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Sazaltepa leh Bakvawmtepu
Monday, September 24, 2007
Hmanlai hian ramsa zawng zawng hi an inrawnkhawm a, 'Kawngpui i siam ang u,' an ti a. Sakhi te, Sanghal te, Sazuk te, sa zawng zawng an kal a. An zingah chuan Sazaltepa hi a tel ve a, mi vir tak a ni a. Kanwg chu an sial fai ta hun mai a, 'Kan kawng rih fai hi tuman tihbawlhhlawh lohvah, a tibawlhhlawh apiang chu eiah,' an ti a.

An kawng rih faiah chuan sazaltepa chu a va kal a, Tlumpui hi kawngah chuan a lo bawk a. Tlumpui chu a thau avangin a mawm deuh hmiar a, ei atan a it a, tihdan tur a ngaihtuah ta a. Kalkawng chu a va tibawlhhlawh a, tlumpui chu a ei ta daih mai a. chumi hnu chuan sa dangte chu an kawngah khan an va kal leh a, ek an hmu ta a. 'Sazaltepa, engahnge kalkawng i tihbawlhhlawh ni? Kawng tibawlhhlawh apiang chu eiah kan tih kha, kan ei ngei ngei ang che,' an ti a. Sazaltepa chuan, 'Ka tibawlhhlawh awzawng love, tlumpui anih kha; keiman ka hmu a, ka ei daih tawh nghe nghe asin,' a lo ti a.

Nimahsela an awih lova, ei chu an tum ta a; Sazaltepa chu a theihtawpin a tlan a, an um vak a. Nakinah chuan Bakvawmtepu hi a va hmu a, sazaltepa chuan, 'Ka pu, min hum rawh,' tiin a mangan thu chu a hrilh a. Bakvawmtepu chuan, 'Ka nau awmah i awm duh ang emaw chu?' a lo ti a. 'Duh e,' tiin Bakvawmte pu inah chuan a awm ta a, a nau chu a awmsak ta a.

Bakvawmtepu chu nitin a feh thin a. Ni khat chu Sazaltepa chuan ar hi ei atan a it ta hle a, a pu feh hlan chuan a lo ei ta mai a. Tlaiah chuan Bakvawmtepu feh chu a lo hawng a, a lo thlen veleh chuan a hnenah, 'Ka pu, vawiina ka nau a tlei thei lova, ar a ngen avangin ka talh ta mai,' a ti a. Bakvawmtepu chuan, 'A pawi hlei nem, i nauvin a ngen chuan,' a ti mai a. A tukah a zuk feh leh a, a feh hlan chuan Sazaltepa chuan vawk a lo ei leh a. 'Ka nauvin a ngen,' ti bawk chuan a lo hrilh leh a, Bakvawmtepu chuan, 'A pawi love, i nauvin a ngen zawngin,' a ti zel a. Bakvawmtepu chu a zuk feh leh a, chumi ni chuan Sazaltepa chuan a nau chu a lo ei ta daih mai a, a tlanbo ta daih a.

Tlaiah chuan Bakvawmtepu chu a lo hawng a, Sazaltepa chu a lo awm ta hauh lo mai a. Bakvawmtepu chuan a nau a lo ei a ni tih a hriat chuan a thinur nasa mai a, phuba lak mawlh a tum ta a. Sazaltepa pawh khan a chungah Bakvawmtepu a thinur nasa dawn tih a hria a, a theihtawpin a inveng ve bawk a. Sazaltepa chuan lo hi a nei ve a, chutah chuan a feh thin a ni tih Bakvawmtepu chuan a lo hria a, a thlamah chuan a lo chang ta a. Sazaltepa chu a lovah chuan a zuk feh a, ral tang chuan, 'Ka thlam khu ka kohva a ei chuan mi an awm lo a nian ang,' a ti a. 'Ka thlam' a han ti vak a. Bakvawmtepu khan a thusawi kha a lo hriat avangin, 'Ei' a ti ta vak a. Sazaltepa chuan mi an awm tih a hria a, a hawng ta daih a.

A tukah chuan a zuk feh leh a, thlam chhak fe atang chuan, 'Ka thlam khu ka kohva a ei loh chuan mi an awm a ni ang,' a ti leh ta thung a. 'Ka thlam' a han ti leh vak a. Bakvawmtepu chu a ei duh ta lova. Sazaltepa chuan mi an awm tih a hria a, a hawng leh ta daih mai a.

Bakvawmtepu chuan engtinmah a ti thei lo tih a hriatin a thlam bulah chuan sazu-ah a chang a, kua a hreuh ta a. Sazaltepa chu a zuk feh leh a, thlam bul a thlen chuan mi vir tak ngang kha anih avangin sazu kua a hmuh chuan a lawm ta hle a. Phur em em hian a lai sauh sauh a, a han zen vei rawk a, chutah Bakvawmtepu khan a kutah a lo seh vak a, a seh hlum ta der mai an ti zuk nia!
Sazaltepa & Bakvawmtepu

Once upon a time all the animals assembled together in a conference to decide and make a highway through the forest and Sazaltepa, who was very covetous, was one among those who attended. They resolved that the highway was to be kepts spotlessly clean and that however was caught dirtying it would be killed and eaten.

After, the road had been completed and cleaned, Sazaltepa went along for a walk and espied a fat civet cat approaching from the opposite direction. Sazaltepa determined to make a meal of him but as he could not kill him without proper cause, some pretext would have to be found out and it was not long before his cunning mind found a means. He quickly excreted on the highway himself and accusing the poor civet cat of doing the dirty deed, immediately pounced on it and devoured it.

Some other beasts happened to pass by a little later and seeing the excrement on the road, they taxed him for it, saying, 'Sazaltepa, you have filthied the road and now we are going to kill and gobble you up,' 'It was not me at all but the civet cat,' replied Sazaltepa, 'and I have just finished eating him'

They did not, however, believe a word of his as he was known all over as an inverterate liar; so he had to flee as fast as he could from the fury until at last something of a simpleton. 'Oh sir, please protect me from my enemies who want to kill me,' he begged of him. 'I shall do so if you will agree to stay and look after my little son' replied Bakvawmtepu to which Sazaltepa readily assented. He was then given shelter and when Bakvawmtepu went to work in his jhum everyday Sazalte would look after the child.

One day he ate up a fowl which came close to him and when Bakvawmtepu returned from work he said, 'Sir, the child was crying for the fowl, so I killed it and gave it to him and eat,' to which Bakvawmtepu replied, 'You did the right thing, the little boy must have been hungry,'

This emboldened Sazaltepa to eat a pig the next day and give Bakvawmtepu the same excuse when he returned, 'Nevermind, since the child demanded it,' said the father.

The wicked Sazaltepa killed and ate the boy the very next day and ran away before Bakvawmtepu came back. Bakvawmtepu was so enraged when he returned in the evening and discovered the foul deed that he swore to search Sazaltepa out at any cost and have his revenge.

By and by, he came to learn that Sazaltepa was staying at a place not far from where he used to go to attend to his jhum daily. The wily Sazaltepa also knew of Bakvawmtepu's intention towards him and had taken necessary precautions to safeguard himself.

When he thought the time was ripe, Bakvawmtepu went one day and lay in wait expectantly in Sazaltepa's jhum house. On returning from work in the evening and while still some distance away, the witty Sazaltepa burst out, 'If anyone replies to me from my jhum house it will mean the house is empty'

The foolish Bakvawmtepu immediately responded, 'Yes, it is empty' Whereupon Sazaltepa went away.

On approaching the jhum house the following evening, he shouted, 'If there is no reply from my jhum house when I call, it will be a sign that there is someone in it,' and when there was again the same old foolish reply, he knew Bakvawmtepu was there; so he went away once more.

when Bakvawmtepu found that his stupidity gained him nothing he transformed himself into a large rat and made a hole for himself near Sazaltepa's jhum house.

The next day Sazaltepa saw the rat-hole on his return from his jhum and being a covetous creature, at once began digging furiously in anticipation of having a hearty meal of the rat.

He then put his hand deep down into the hole to pull out the rat but was bitten severely by Bakvawmtepu. He died as he was covetous.
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