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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Kelchawngi nu leh pa hi an feh dawn a, a nu chuan, 'Kelchawng, mai lo chhum' a ti a, ani chuan, 'Nau za?' a ti a. A nu chuana hre lo der nia ringin a liamsan ta a. Kelchawngi chuan, 'Nau lo chhum ang che.' a ti emaw a ti a, a nu fehliam hnu chuan a nau chu a tihlum a, a chhum tak tak ta a.

Tlaiah chuan a nute feh chu an lo hawng a, in an lo thlen chuan, 'Kelchawng khawiahnge i nau?' an ti a. Ani chuan chhan ngaihna pawh a hre mang lova, 'Thenawmte sial a en,' a han ti ringawt a. Rei deuh hnuah pawh a lo hawng thei ta lova, a nu chuan, 'I nau chu khawnge?' a han ti leh a, Kelchawngi chuan, 'Tui a chawi,' 'Thing a phur,' 'Chumi khami chu a ti,' a ti zel a, losul haw an thlen kim vek hnuah pawh a lo haw thei ta si lova, an mangang ta hle mai a.

Nakinah chuan Kelchawngi nu leh pa chuan, 'Anih leh i mai chhum chu han thur teh,' a ti a. Kelchawngi chuan a han thur a, a nau lu te, a ban te a han thur ta mai a. A nute chuan, 'Hei i nau lu a ni lawm ni?' 'Hei pawh i nau ban a ni maw?' an ti a, an hau a. Ani lah chuan, 'Ni suh e, hmana hmana ka pu sa kah lu a ni. Ka pu sa kah ban a ni,' tiin a chhang ve zung zung a. A nute chuan a nau a chhum a ni tih an hriat chuan an thin a rim em em a.

Nikhat chu in chungah vaihlo pho turin Kelchawngi chuan hlang chhova, a pho zawh chuan an hlang thla duh ta lova. Kelchawngi chuan tap chungin, 'Ka nu mi hlang, ka pa mi hlang,' a ti thin a, anni lah chuan, 'I nau i chhum ai,' an tihsan a, an hlang thla duh awzawng lova. Nakinah chuan Kelchawngi mangang chuan chunglam a en a,
Pu Van, i hrualhruite rawn thlak la,
Ka lo uaichho ve ang e.
a ti a. Chu veleh Pu Vana chuan a hrualhrui a rawn thlak thla delh delh a, a lo man a, Kelchawngi chu vanah a uai chho ta daih mai a.

Pu Vana chuan a thuam tha tinreng - thi te, ngun te, kawr mawite in Kelchawngi chu a thuam a. Chutaing thuam tha tinreng inbel chung chuan vawi khat chu an inchungah bawk chuan a zuk tum thla leh a, a ke bun leh ban bun chu a ri chheng chheng a. A nu leh pate chuan, 'Tunge kan inchunga tum chu,' an lo ti a, a ni chuan, 'In fa duh loh Kelchawngi,' a han ti a. Chuveleh a nu leh a pa chuan, 'E, kan duh lul mai a che, kan han hlang thla leh ang che aw,' an ti a, an lo chhuak a, mahse Kelchawngi chuan a duh lova, van lamah bawk chuan a uaichho leh ta a, vanah bawk chuan nuam takin a awm ta reng a ni an tih chu.

One day, Kelchawngi was told by her mother to cook a pumpkin and then she went to the farm to continue her work. Kelchawngi did not hear the instruction of her mother properly. Instead of 'mai' meaning pumpkin, she heard 'nau' meaning the young baby sister. So, Kelchawngi cooked her youngest sister instead of pumpkins.

When the parents came home in the evening they asked her where her young sister was. She replied that the girl was cooked as per instructions of the mother. Filled with anger the parents blamed her for being so foolish and cruel and put her on the roof where she remained the whole night.

In the morning Kelchawngi pleaded mercy but her parents refused to let her down. At las she made a request addressed to the lord of spiritual world to send down a rope of the spirits. The rope was let down and she climbed up.

At tha abode of the spirits, she was given a dress. When she was so dressed she came back to their house roof. she was all bright with a dress which also produced some soft jingling noises. Her parents heard this and looked up.

Unexpectedly seeing her in most strange dress tehey requested her to come down. She said no to their request and told them that she simply came back to let them know of her good fortune and went back to the abode of the spirits. The parents looked on as she happily proceeded to her heavenly abode.
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