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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Rimenhawii hi a hmel a tha em em a, a pasal chu Zawlthlia a ni a, an inngaina dun em em thin a. Rimenhawii hmelthatzia chu a thang nasa hle a, a samsei mawlh hi a hming than phah ber chu a ni a, amah ngei pawh hian mawi a inti em em a, an in kiangah lui a awm a, inbualin a kal fova. Tuiah chuan a sam zai khat a til a, tuiin a len zel a, Sangha lian tak pakhat hian a lo lem a. A sei em avangin sangha lian tak pawh chuan a puar phah awl a.

Tin, lui mawng lam ram hla takah lal pakhat hi a awm a, a chhiahhlawhte chu sangha man turin a tir a. Samzai lemtu sangha kher chu an man fuh a, a lianin a puar nasa si a, 'Engtizia nge ni?' tiin apum chu an khei a, samzai hlir a lo ni a, mak an ti em em a, zai khat mah ni se, pate a khah zova, an pu hnenah an phur hawng ta hial a.

Lal chuan a lo hmuhin mak a ti ve em em a, a sam putu zawng chhuak turin a chhiahhlawhte chu lui hnar lam ramah a tir ta a. Lui chu an zawh chho zel a, lui dung tluan chuan an dap chhova, a tawpah chuan Rimenhawihi In an han thleng ta a. A In chu thir In a ni a, luh an tum a, a pasal Zawlthlia zinbo hlan anih avangin kawng a in kalh khung tlat a, an lut thei lova, pawn atangin hla-in an auva :
'In thira mi, in dara mi,
Tu maw i hming min hrilh rawh,'
an ti a. Ani chuan an aw a hriatin hla vek hian :
'Hming lem hming lem ka nei lo,
Tui-sik-ringi ka ni e,
An-tlak-ringi ka ni e,'
tiin a chhang a. An hla chu an chhinchhiah a, an haw leh ta vang vang a. An pu hnenah chuan an zuk hrilh a, mahse lal chuan, 'Chutiang hming va awm thei ngai suh,' tiin a hming ngei zawt turin a tir leh a, an kal leh ta a.

Rimenhawii te in an thlen chuan a hmaa an tihdan pangngai bawkin an han ti leh a. Ani lahin a chhan ngai bawkin a lo chhang leh a, mahse lal chu a lungawi thei lova, vawi hnih vawi thum a tir nawn a, a tawpah zawng a hming a lo hrilh ta a :
'Rimenhawii ka ni e,
Menchanghawihi ka ni e,'
a ti a. Chutah zet chuan an lawm ta em em a, theihnghilh leh an hlau khawp a, 'Men, men, men' an ti mawlh mawlh a, engnge tia an han petek palh chang pawhin, 'men an ti zel mai a ni.

Tichuan an lal hnen chu an thleng a, an lal hmaah chuan a hming pum sawi thei awm ta hek lo, 'Men ka ni a ti,' an ti thuai thuai mai a. Lal chu a lungni thei chuang lova, 'Chuti ngawt hming awm ngai suh, rang takin han tlan leh rawh u, a hming pum in rawn hriat loh hrim chuan in nasa mai ang,' a ti a. Hmanhmawh deuhin an tlan leh ta a, tun hmaa an tihdan ngai bawk khan an han ti leh a, ani pawh chuan a chhan dan ngai bawkin a lo chhang leh a. Chumi tum erawh chuan a hming pum an chhinchhiah thei ta a, a hming dik tak chu an han sawi a, lal chuan, 'Chu zet chu a ni ta, khingpui nei a ni emaw, a ni lo emaw, han hruai rawh u,' a ti ta tlut mai a.

Lal thupek ang chuan an han kal leh ta a. Mahse Rimenhawii pasal chu zan riakin a lo thang bo daih a, a nupui chu miin an ru ang tih hlauhvin kawng a kalhtir tlat a. Lal mi tirhte chuan in chu hawn tumin an vel an vel a, an hawng thei si lova, nakinah chuan in chung lamah an lawn a, lalin thei rah tinreng a kentir chu inchhungah an thlak a. Mahse Rimenhawihi chuan barah a khawn duh lawk lova, theirah chi hrang hrang an thlak zel a, a tawpah chuan an thei neih tui ber Serthlum an thlak a.

Rimenhawihi chuan a nep zo ta lova, a han ban deu deu va. Chumi lai tak chuan pakhatin a samzai khat a zuk man hlauh mai a, a zaikhat tilh pawh a hlauh avangin a inmantir ta a. Finrawl thawhin Rimenhawihi chuan a ui leh ar-ho hnenah, miin an man tak zia leh an kalbopui zia te, a kalkawngah lazai a zam zel turzia te, a pasal lo hawn veleha lo hrilh turin a chah diam a, tichuan an kalpui ta a.

A pasal ram kal chu an liam daih hnu chuan a lo hawng a. An ui leh arte chu an lo kalkhawm huai huai a, an pi chanchin chu a zawt a, a hmasa berin ui a zawt a, 'Uia, khawnge i pi?' a ti a.
'Bauh, bauh, bauh,
Thlangtiang lenkawl a khum zo ta,
Lazai zui rawh,'
a ti a. Ar a han zawt leh a.
'Ti ti ik ik,
Thlangtiang lenkawl a khum zo ta,
Lazai zui rawh,' a ti ve leh ta a.

A pasal Zawlthlia chuan chaw pawh ei tha hman lovin an sulhnu chhui turin a vir ta vat a. Lazai inzam zel chu a chhui ta a, thuife a chhui hnu chuan khua a thim ta a, mahse khaw lo thim chu a tan a remchang zawk a, a umpha ruai a lo ni bawk a. Zanah chuan a va nangching ta nge nge a: Rimenhawihi mantute chu a va that vek a. An nupa chuan hlim takin an hawng dun leh ta a, an damchhungin tuman an tibuai ta lo.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman. Her name was Rimenhawii and she had a handsome husband called Zawlthlia. Zawlthlia was very proud of his wife, and Rimenhawii was equally conscious of her beauty. Her charm and beauty was further enhanced by her beautiful hair which was the envy of all the girls, and many people would come from distant villages to have a look at it.

One day, as she was having a bath in a river, one strand of her hair came out and was carried down the river. After a while, the hair was swallowed by a fish. The hair was so long that the fish suffocated and died. Down the river in a distant land, there was a king. This king was very fond of fish and he would send his servants daily to catch fish from the river.

One day, his servant brought the fish which had consumed Rimenhawii's hair. When the fish was cut open, one strand of very long human hair was found inside. They were greatly astonished and they took the hair to the king. The king was equally astonished and intrigued, and he decided to find out the owner of the hair.

After carefully enquiring from his servants how they came by it, the king instructed them to follow the course of the river upstream till they found the proud possessor of the hair.

He was sure that the owner was living somewhere up tha hills and the hair must have floated down the river. After many days of travelling up the course of the river, they reached the village of Rimenhawii. She was at home, but her husband was away visiting relatives in some other village.

Before going on this journey, the careful husband to Zawlthlia had built a strong house, and had locked Rimenhawii inside the house so that no one could see her, far less abduct her in his absence.

The visitors from the plains were at a loss about what to do. They dared not return home without at leas ascertaining the name of the lady. So they sang to her.

O thou, dweller in the house of steel and brass,
Tell us what thy name is.
Rimenhawii replied also in a song, which means,
No name, no name have I,
I live on pure water,
I live on pure vegetables.
So, the messengers commited this song to memory, returned to their king and told him what they had seen and heard. The king was not satisfied and he sent them back to get her name. The messengers came back and repeated the same request to Rimenhawii. Feminine pride in her beauty overtook her and she gave them her real name, saying :
I am Rimenhawii,
also called as Menchanghawii

For the messenger, Rimenhawii or Menchanghawii was to big a word to remember and they committed to memory only the syllable 'men'. This did not satisfy the king. He knew that 'men' was not the full word but only a part of it.

Accordingly, he asked them to go again and not to come back without the full name of the lady. And on this occasion, the king told them to fetch the lady irrespective of whether she had a husband or not.

The messengers took with them all kinds of delicacies, sweets and fruits and went back to Rimenhawii. This time too her husband was away.

Howeer, there was a small hole in the roof for light, and through this hole, the messengers passed down the delicacies they had brought with them. Rimenhawii was completely indifferent in the beginning but when an orange was thrown in, the temptation was too strong and she stood up to catch the orange.

As she stood up, they caught her and pulled her out to be taken to their king.

Interestingly, as she was being carried away, Rimenhawii told her dog and hen as to how her husband could trace her. When he returned and found his wife gone, Zawlthlia enquired his neighbors if they knew anything about what had happened to her, but no one could tell him.

Disappointed on all sides in great dismay, he turned to his dog and hen who told him the marks by which he could trace his wife. Rimenhawii had left a trail of cotton thread as she was being carried away; and following this trail, Zawlthlia overtook the king's servants, killed them and returned home with his wife.

Once again they lived happily ever after and were blessed with many children. The story of Rimenhawii may lead one to believe that this was the beginning of the contact between the people of the plains of the Mizos.
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