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Zawngte pipu uai
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Hmanlai hian zawngte hian pipu a suih a, a pipu suihah chuan hlim takin a uai der der thin a, a pipu uai hla chu hei hi a ni.
Thlite hrang phen phe,
Chhim thli hmar thli hrang phen phen.

Chutia pipu a uai lai tak chuan savawm hi a lokal a, 'Zawngte, ka lo uai ve ange,' a rawn ti a. Zawngte chuan, 'Awle ka pu, uai ang che; mahse a hrui hi a rinawm emaw ka han en ange,' a ti a. Chung lamah a lawn chhova, pipu hrui chu a han seh rek ta a, 'Ka pu, uai rawh le,' a ti a, savawm chu a uai ve ta a. Zawngte hla sak kha a han sa ve a - 'Thli te hrang phen phen' a ti hman chauh a, a pipu hrui chu a chat hmawk a, savawm chu a tla ta dum mai a.

Zawngte chu lawm tak mai hian a sa ei tumin buhhawp nen, fian nen a thawk thla ta a. Nimahsela savawm chu a lo la nung a, chau tak hian a lo thu lurh lurh a. Zawngte chuan, 'E, ka pu, hei buhhawp ka rawn ken che asin, i ei thei emaw,' a ti ta hlauh a. Buhhawp suahna tur chu a awm lova, a belah lah chuan a sa viau bawk si a. Zawngte chuan, 'I dul vun kha pawtfan la, buhhawp suah daih nan hian i hmang mai ang khai, ' a ti a.

Savawm chuan a dul vun chu a han pawtfan ta duai duai a, buhawp sa deuh mai chu zawngte chuan a han suak sak hlawih mai a. savawm chuan sa a ti khawp a, a dul vun chu a nuai a, a nuai pilh ta puk mai zuk nia.

Monkey and swing

Once upon a time there lived a monkey whose great delight was to swing merrily in the air, a the cost of his meals.

One day while he was swinging away with his little eyes blinking, looking here and there, the whites showing clearly when in ecstasy he would be swinging high and then low, a big cumbersome bear appeared near the swing.

So, seeing the joy which the monkey was experiencing, he asked the monkey, 'Monkey, will you please let me sit on your swing that I may enjoy myself for a little,' but the monkey, when he climbed to the top, secretly gnawed through the ropes in such a way that the swing ropes would not stand much weight.

However, when the monkey came down he said to the bear in quite an offhand way :
'Now I think you can have a try'

So the monkey started to prepare for himself a big meal, saying to himself :
'Soon the bear will swing too high and come down with such a bang that he will surely kill himself, and he will make for me a very sweet meat, as all bear's taste so right and sweet.'

Certainly it was not long before he heard the bear falling and he went at once to the swing only thinking of the meal he hoped to have very shortly.

When he got there, instead of finding a bear which was ded, he found one which was furious and angry. To try and hide his own discomtiture the monkey said to the bear :
'I heard you falling from my swing and so I came running to help you and have brought some food'

However, the bear had seen throught the monkey's wicked device. Lunging at themonkey he only just missed him, but the monkey had to make off up to the tree tops and there wait while he saw the bear eat up the carefully prepared meal he had intended for himself and neither could he now swing.

So the bear adequately turned the tables on the monkey for his wickedness.

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