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Chala leh Thangi
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Hmanlai hian Khawnglung khuaah Chala leh Thangi te an awm a. An naupan tet atanga inkawmngeih em em an ni a, nu leh pa thu pawh an awih dun em em thin a ni. Tichuan, an lo thanglian zel a, an hriatloh karah inhmangaih em em in an lo seilian a.

Chutia hlim taka an khawsak lai chuan, khawchhak lam atangin ral an lo lian a. Thangi chu khawchhak ral chuan an man ta daih mai a. Chala erawh chu an khaw rawn runtute lak atang chuan a tlanbo thei hram a. Mahse, Thangi an man tak avangin lungchhe em emin a tap a tap a.

Hmelmain Thangi an han man ta mai chu Chala tan chuan engti kawng zawng maha hriatthiam theih a ni lo.

Ama tawkin a inngaihtuah nep nep thin a, Thangi tello chuan nun hi engtihnamah a ni love, thih leh thih, engmahin min dal suh se hmelma ram pawh nise Thangi chu ka han zawng chhuak teh ang tiin, an khua a chhuahsan ta a.

Tichuan, khawchhak lam a pan ta mawp mai a, ralin an kalpuina hmun niawm a hriat lam te chu a pawng zawn ta tawp mai a ni. A mantute chuan Thangi chu lova hnathawk turin an lo chhawr a, lungleng em em in lovah chuan hna a lo thawk a. Chala a ngaihzia thu chu hlain a lo sachhuak fo thin a ni.

Nikhat chu chutia lova hna a thawh lai chuan thlam namthlak lamah a hahchawl lungleng leh khawhar bawksi chuan hla a lo sa a.
'Min la ngai maw, min la hawi ve maw?
Ka lungdi Chala khan min la hawi ve maw,' tiin a lo zai a.
A rin loh tak maiin Chala chuan chulai hmun chu a lo thleng ve der mai chu niin, a aw ri te a han hre leh chu a lung a leng em em mai a. Thangi zai ri a hriat chuan a aw atang ringawt pawh chuan thangi a ni tih a hre mai thei a, a zai chu hla bawkin a han chhawn ve a :
Ka la ngai che, ka la hawi ve che,
Ka rawn zawng che, mi tukram lovah.

Chutiang hla leh aw mawi tak chu Thangi chuan hriat a beisei ngai tawh lo reng reng a. Chala chu hmanhmawh takin a lokal a, inthlahlel tih hriat takin an inpawm vawng vawng a.

Tichuan, a rang thei ang bera hawng turin an insiam a. Tawng pawh an tawng ring ngam lova, an inngaihzia leh an inhmangaihzia thu chu zawite tein an sawi ser ser a.

Amaherawhchu, vanduaithlak takin an hawn kawngah chuan tui a lo lian chiam mai a. Thangi chuan amah mai chuan engtikawng zawng mahin a dai kai zo si lova.

Chala chuan ka kokiah hian vuan tlat la, tichuan ka hleuh kai pui ang che, a ti a.

Lui chu an kan dawn ta a, lui lai tak an thleng tawh tihah chuan chu nula vanduai tak mai chu a indawm nghet zo ta lova, lui laia tuilian khauh tak mai chuan a la ta vawng vawng a ni.

Chala chuan beidawng takin lui chu a kan thei hram a, ramhnuaiah chuan khawhar takin a vak a vak ta a. Thangi chu zawngin lui dung chu a suartluan thla a. Amaherawhchu, a hmu zo tawh si lo, a beidawn tawpah chuan in lam a pan ve ta nge nge a ni.

An khua a thlen chuan mite chu an lo hlim hle mai a, amaherawhchu, an hlimna boruak chu tem ve pawh a tum lo. Hrehawm ti takin a thu kun reng a, midang nena inkawm hlim zai reng a rel lo.

A hmangaih em em Thangi chu harsatna tam tak paltlangin a zawngchhuak a, a chhanchhuak bawk a. Amaherawhchu, hmelma laka a chhanchhuah hnuah tuilianin a laksak leh ta si. A mangang lutuk leh hrehawm ti lutuk chu Aw, ka duh ber chu tiau lui chuan min han laksak taka aw, ka hmangaihna zawng zawng pek ka duh laiin engmah a dawngsawng thei ta si lo, a ti vawng vawng a. Chutiang taka khawngaihthlak nula leh tlangval, Chala leh Thangi te inkara harsatna leh vanduaina hi thu lungchhiatthlak ber a tling.
Chala and Thangi

Long long ago, Chala and Thangi lived in a village called Khawnglung. Both of them were very friendly from their childhood and were most obedient to their parents. So they grew up and eventually came to love each other dearly.

However, one ill-fated day, the village was suddenly attacked by enemies from the East and Thangi was caught and taken away by them as a captive. Chala was amongst those who escaped and he wept bitterly when he learnt the sad news.

The loss of Thangi was unbearable for Chala and he resolved to go in search of her.

He thought to himself, 'Life has no meaning to me without my heart's love Thangi, so come what may, I must go and find her,' Whereon he set out to the land of his enemies in search of her.

So, Chala set out to east and searched Thangi for a long time. In the meantime, Thangi was made to work in jhum cultivation by the person in whose house she was imprisoned. She too felt very lonely without Chala and had no mind for her work, the thoughts being constantly far away.

One day, as she was working in the verandah of the jhum house, she was sorrowfully singing these words to herself :
Do you my beloved Chala, long for me still?
Do you my love, Cherish me still?

Unexpectedly Chala happened to be passing on the edge of the jhum cultivation in the course of his long search for her.
I cherish you still and long for you ever.
To find you I came to this strange land and will leave you never...

Thangi never expected to hear such a beautiful couplet. So Chala hurriedly came to Thangi and they embraced each other fondly.

They then happily set out on their return journey home, softly whispering to themselves, 'To meet again after such a rude separation has only endeared us all the more to each other.'

However, as they proceeded on their wasy, they came to a river which was in spate. It was too rough for Thangi to cross on her own.

So chala said, 'Hold on to my shoulders Thangi, and we shall cross together,'

He had covered half way accross the river when the unlucky girl lost her hold on him and was swept out of sight by the turbulent current.

Poor Chala was simply heartbroken by this tragic occurrence and felt quite alone in a strange and alien country. He searched high and low along the river back the whole week for his beloved Thangi. It was all in vain, and he was compelled to give up all hope in the end and sadly returned home.

When he reached the village, he found to his dismay that people were making merry at a feat. so he deliberately avoided their company, as his very being was heavily laden with deep despair and sorrow.

Now, to think that he had overcome such tremendous odds in successfully rescuing his dearest Thangi from the clutches of his enemies only to lose her so tragically now seemed too much for him to endure.

'Alas! my dearest love has become part of the Tiau river, and no more of my love can I now give her, ever'

Such was the heart-ending tale of the love and parting of Chala and Thangi, the unfortunate lovers.

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