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Tlingi leh Ngama
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Hmanlai hian nula leh tlangval inhmangaih em em an awm a, an hming chu Tlingi leh Ngama a ni a. Nula tlangval inngaizawngte tih thin dan pangngaiin hmun biru tak, anmahni chauhvin an hriatah an inhmu thin a. Ni khat chu chulai tlang bawk bulah chuan an inhmu ang tiin an intiama .

Chunglai hun chuan khua leh khua an indo nasa hle thin a, biru chunga inveh thin an nih avangin tumahin an awm a ni, tih hriattir nan thawm riva an nei duh ngai lo.

An inhmuhna tura an lo tiam tawh hmunah chuan Tlingi chu a thleng hmasa a, ngawi rengin a thu a, chulai hmuna lokalte chuan tuman an hmu thei lo. Ngama pawh chu chu tlang tohlawt sir lehlamah chuan ngawi rengina lo thu ve bawk a, a ngaihzawng nu lo thlen hun chu nghakhlel takin a lo thlir a, inhnaih hle mahse an tawngchhuah ngam loh avangin an awmhmunah chuan an lo innghak dun ngawt ngawt a. An innghahna hmunah chuan thing tang tlem azawng an dah ve ve a. Tin, mau danglam tak anmahni pahnih chauhvin an hriat chu intiam nan an hmang bawk thin.

An innghahna hmunah chuan reilote chauh emaw innghak an intih laiin ni tam tak a lo vei hman der a. Tlingi lungleng lutuk chu a thi ta nghe nghe a, chutia a thih hnuah chuan Ngama chuan Tlingi thlan hmunah chuan Bung a phun a, chulai hmun chu a khat tawkin a tlawh reng thin.

Ni khat chu a thing phun ata lo parchhuakte chu a uai deuh hnup hian a hria a, mak a ti hle mai a, thil awmzia hriat tumin a bul hnaiah chuan a biru ta a.

Zing khawvar hmain Sanghar a lokal a, a par tha tha chu a rawn lo zat zat a, Ngama chuan a lo man thut mai a, a lawh chhan a zawt ta a. Chu Sanghar chuan Tlingin lo turin min tir alawm, tiin a chhang a. Thlarau mi anih tawh avang erawh chuan mihring pangngai nen chuan an inang thei tawh si lova, mahse Ngama chuan thlarau khawvelah pawh nise Tlingi chu hmuh a tum tlat a. Zinkawng harsa leh manganthlak tak a kal pelh hnuah chuan Tlingi te awmna khua, mitthi khua chu a zuk thleng a, Tlingi nen chuan an inhmu ta a.

Ngama chuan Tlingi te in chu sak that thuai ngaiin a hria a, insakna hmanrua la-in ram lamah a va chhuak a. Tlingi te ngaihdana thing tha leh thing lian chu Ngama tan chuan engmah a ni si lo. Thil te reuh te te leh chhe mai thei chi vek hnim hnah leh thingro te an duhtawk mai zel a. Ngama tan chuan a mak hle a ni.

Ram an han chhuak ho leh a, a changin sanghate an han man a,Tlingi ngaiha savawm lian tak te chu Ngama tan chuan pangang ang mai a ni a, Tlingi ten sangha lian tak nia an hriat chu Ngama tan chuan hnahthel ro mai mai a ni si a. An awmna khawvel a inan loh avangin an thil hmuh leh hriat dan chu a inang lo em em a ni, tih Ngama chuan a hria a.

An duhzawng leh awmdante a inan theihna turin Ngama chu an khaw lamah a han hawng chho leh ta a. Chutah chuan amah leh amah a han intihlum a, thlarau mi-ah lo changin mitthi khuaah chuan a kal ve leh ta a. Chumi hnuah chuan Tlingi nen chuan an thil hmuh leh hriat dan te pawh a lo inang tlang ta hle a ni.

Tichuan Tlingi leh Ngama te chuan mitthi khuaah hlim takin hun an hmang thei ta a. Mihringte chenna khawvelah an duh angin hlim thei lo mahse, mitthi khaw lamah erawh chuan dipdaltu awm lovin an inhmangaihzia thu sawiin hmangaihna par an tlan dun ta a ni.

Tlingi and Ngama

Long long ago Tlingi and Ngama were lovers and they often met as lovers do in some secret places known only by them. One day they agreed to meet near a hillock which both knew.

In those days their village was at war with another village and therefore no one would reveal his presence by making a noise when he or she was in the forest.

As Tlingi reach the tryst she sat at a place where she could not been seen easily by anyone who passed by. Ngama came to the other side of the hillock and he too sat quietly and waited for the arrival of his lover. They sat and waited not knowing they were so close to each other all the time.

To keep themselves occupied they put a few twigs in the ground and formed these groves of bamboo that were quite different from others.

Each of them thought that she or he had to wait only for a little while however the waitiing lasted days and months and Tlingi died of love-sickness. Ngama planted flower trees where she was buried and he visited the grave quite often.

One day Ngama found that the flower plants at Tlingi's grave were very much disturbed and so he hid himself near the grave and watched.

Early next morning a wild cat came to pick flowers. Ngama caught it and it revealed the fact that Tlingi who was now a spirit had sent this cat to get some flowers from this place where the remains of its former existence were buried. He went with the cat to meet Tlingi in the spiritual world. It was not an easy journey and finally he was able to complete it and both Tlingi and Ngama were happy to meet again.

Ngama found that the house where Tlingi lived needed repair and they went into the house to collect building material. Trees which Tlingi thought to be big and good were not so big or good in Ngama's eyes. They were so small that he could easily uproot them as if they were only grass.

They were hunting and fishing together. Big bears that Tlingi caught were only worms to Ngama, and Tlingi's big fish were only dry leaves to Ngama. Ngama reasoned that the difference in sight was due to the fact that one was a spiritual being while the other was a human being.

In order to experience the same thing, Ngama returned to the abode of human beings and commited suicide. He became a spiritual being and later their evaluation of things and how they saw were similar.

So, Tlingi and Ngama lived together happily ever after and enjoyed whatever they did in the spiritual world.

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